kisses to expectations

I want someone to come up to me and kiss me. Sweep me off my feet by pressing their lips firmly against mine. I want to open my mouth to let their tongue explore and bite gently at my lip. I want to feel his hands pulls me closer because he can’t take enough of me in. I want him to kiss me and leave me wanting more.

Hubby did it. John did it. Paul did it. Their kisses left me desiring more…especially their first kisses. Left me wanting to kiss them back before seeing if they were as talented with their tongues in other areas as well. The kind of kiss that makes you fell desired and sexy. The adrenaline that comes with that type of kiss… the kind that makes you wet and ready for things that might follow.

I’ve kissed some toads along the way too. Guys (and gals) who think that practically licking my face off is the way to go. Or the ones who don’t ever open their mouth so it seems more like a bad, elongated kiss with a relative rather than a kiss from a possible lover.

Can I just have a make out partner? Someone who I can have awesomely amazing make out sessions with? No expectations beyond kissing and some light over the clothes fondling? Like middle school/early high school gonna get caught make out?

I saw something the other day on the Facebook world about longing for the day where we don’t have to put labels on people…a day where societal rules don’t inhibit our ability to have relationships. Where the lines between friendship and friend with benefits or lover are blurred. Where we can greet someone we care about with a kiss on the lips and no one blinks an eye. Or where we can have sex with someone other than our significant other because we want to try something different. How different would our lives be if we didn’t care who saw us emerge from a room sweaty and disheveled from mind blowing sex rather than keeping secrets of what turns us on the most? How many marriages would still be intact if rather than saying “I have a headache” they would say “I’m not in the mood, why don’t you go out tonight?” What if I could walk up to someone and ask for sex to release the stresses of the day rather than snapping out of anger and frustration at those we love? What if during a bad and emotional day you got a genuine hug and a passionate kiss that let you know that you still mattered? What if you had a choice? What if there were no repercussions because we didn’t have to live by rules that say love and sex had to be exclusive instead of inclusive?

Would life be easier if we didn’t put expectations on our friendships or relationships? Without the labels, the expectations aren’t etched out for us. If I could treat every friend as a friend, would it make a difference which friend I kissed, which I fucked, and which I vented to? There wouldn’t need to be the expectation of this person can only fit into the “friend with benefits” category because of X, Y, or Z. Or a “friend” can’t do this because of A, B, or C.

It wouldn’t necessarily mean that things change for you. We could all choose to still live in open or closed relationships, whatever was right for us. But that’s the thing…it would be a choice. Not an expectation.

Would I be happier if I could consider my friends my friends no matter what happened or didn’t happen between us? Yes. No expectations means no failure

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