don’t pour me another

Drinking is what the culture around me does.  Hard day at work?  Have a glass or two of wine.  Grilling out?  Beer is a necessity.  

I live in an area where it is common to drink.  A lot.  We celebrate everything by drinking… weddings, birthdays, new babies, engagements, pregnancies, sports, parades, trick-or-treating, Easter egg hunts, weekends, week days… you get my drift.  It’s not uncommon to have a drink at any point during the week for any occasion.   

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I had my moments where I drank too much and it led to puking or passing out.  I’m probably not alone knowing that I have probably been or with someone who has been intoxicated while behind the wheel.  I’ve posted pictures on my Facebook and Instagram accounts showing the gigantic size of my drinks at restaurants.  I’ve driven home and continued the party with another drink.  I’ve not remembered all the details of the previous nights happenings, having to rely on the memories of friends.  I’ve watched friends make decisions I knew they’d regret.  I’ve made decisions that I would like to take back.  

Had I not been drunk would I have…

  • Fucked someone in an empty parking lot?
  • Told someone I loved them? 
  • Thrown myself at him to get laughed at?
  • Puked on the floor?
  • Passed out in the bathroom?
  • Gone to work still drunk?
  • Lost my virginity when I did?
  • Get raped?
  • Lose friends?

I’ve been sober for almost 8 months.  At least now when I look at the decisions I’m making in my life, I know that I am making the ones I feel are best for myself and not the ones that alcohol makes easy.  

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