I’ve always been intrigued my my Myer Briggs personality type. What fascinates me even more is that even after 20+ years, my test results didn’t change. I decided to read an article “24 Signs That You’re an INFJ, the “Mystic” Personality Type”. Too many of these signs spoke to me. So… I decided to write about why each sign speaks to me. (Make sure to read the full article too…it’s at the bottom of the blog post)

24 Signs That You’re an INFJ

#1 – You Are Fascinated by Human Psychology

Before returning to school to get my MBA, I seriously considered going back to get a degree in counseling. One of the main reasons I didn’t is that at the time I had young kids and couldn’t see myself putting in the time for the required hours while still being a mom at home.

#2 – You Enjoy Complexity

Layers of an onion…I know that i have a ton of layers…most which people don’t see. So I imagine that those I love and care about are the same way.

#3 – You Are Deeply Empathic

I cry when I see others cry. I laugh when I see others laugh. I want to feel so I can better understand.

#4 – Learning Is Your Drug of Choice

The fact that I’m currently studying for another professional certification should tell you all that you need to know.

#5 – You Connect with People One-on-One Rather Than in Large Groups

Give me a group of one or two couples verses a huge amount of friends any day of the week.

#6 –You Can Be Hard to Get to Know

I don’t mean to be hard to get to know, but like I said…I have layers like an onion… and I’m still learning how to peel back the layers…and as I do, I don’t want to expose myself to everyone.

#7 You Withdraw to Protect Yourself

The more I get hurt, the more I withdraw to protect myself the next time. I don’t want to feel the negative emotions of everyone else.

#8 – You Quickly See Other People’s Intentions

I try to listen to other people and that tends to lead to more.

#9 You Are a Quiet Cheerleader to Your Friends

I want the best for my friends…so that means serving as their cheerleader every day.

#10 You Despise Interpersonal Conflict

I will think about stuff long after it’s “finished”. I want to make sure that those that I care about are happy and in a good place.

#11 You Can Be Hot and Cold When it Comes to Affection

Ask my poor husband… I’m either cuddled up and sleeping or jumping on him.

#12 – You Often Wind Up in the Role of Counselor

I don’t mind being the sounding board to those closest to me…I find it an honor to help those I love.

#13 – You See Two People in Everyone

I have learned that we all show one side first…

#14 – You Have a Vivid, Playful Inner World

How do you think I got started with this blog? My inner thoughts needed to be let out!

#15 – You Don’t See Events as “Stand Alone”  Incidents

Out of anyone, I see how things tend to be interconnected…even if years apart.

#16 – You Are Deeply Connected With Your Dreams

I may not remember my dreams from when I was sleeping, but I definitely daydream and find hidden meanings in those!

#17 – When You’re Stressed, You Crave Sensory Overload or Escapism

Umm…I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I stress-eat ALL. THE. TIME.

#18 – You Can Struggle to Make Sense of Your Own Emotions

Again…this blog has allowed me to type out my emotions. I can only hope that it helps.

#19 – You Are Desperately Bored By Small Talk

One of the many reasons that I don’t want huge groups of friends. Give me one or two super close friends that we can jump right into the personal shit right away.

#20 – You Get Overwhelmed by Details

I love lists. I may not always get them done…but it helps so I don’t forget all the extra shit.

#21 – You Have a Knack for Interpreting

I work in HR…I have to interpret all day long…I’m a peacekeeper…or at least I try to be.

#22 – You Crave Enlightenment

I go down rabbitholes all the time. Buddhism. Crystals. The Bible. Astrology. Yes. Please. Let me learn.

#23 – You Hate Generalizations

Just because I have chosen something different than you doesn’t make me a BAD person.

#24 – You Always Wonder, “What Does This Really Mean?”

We all have different motivations for pursuing things…so why not wonder?

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