you want me

I got an email from a mentor of mine last week…he was the person who helped me design and proof my resume after I graduated from grad school. We haven’t talked much since then, except in passing when we run into each other at functions for our kids. Needless to say I was surprised to read that he thought of me for a position that he had open at his work. Well Friday we spent 45 minutes on the phone talking about my past couple of years in my job and what type of opportunities I might be open to now… my in-person interview is on Friday afternoon.

I like my job right now. I love my team that I work with. Two years ago I couldn’t get an interview to save my life as I sat homeschooling my kids during Covid. I couldn’t get people to look at me seriously. Now I have someone seeking me out to ask if I’d be interested in a position.

It’s hard to not get excited by new possibilities. I don’t need to leave my current job. My current team. But what if I did? What if the opportunity becomes just that?

Does that mean that I’m worth it? Could it possibly mean that I’m working hard enough that people see me seriously?

One day at a time.

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