makes it real

I know that I don’t always have the most popular opinion. I know that sometimes I talk in circles. I know that sometimes things don’t make sense.

For the most part I write how I speak…so I end up getting confused and all sorts of ideas floating around in my head. Some blogs are written and then I go through and wait before I hit publish because I want to make sure that everything is wright…other times I barely get my last words typed and I’m hitting that button.

One thing I promised myself when I started this blog was that I would try my absolute hardest to do be honest to everyone who reads the blog…but more importantly, to be honest with myself about what I read.

It’s one thing to write stuff and people I don’t know read it… Not that I want to be judged, but I don’t know them…the sting doesn’t hurt quite as much. I only know of one reader that I know them in “real life”.

It’s the hardest to be honest with myself some days. Writing it down makes it real.

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