the things he said

I spend the weekend with my in-laws. My mother-in-law is fairly old school…after all she is 79… My father-in-law is 86 and in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. The things that come out during conversations with them are things that make me shake my head and wish I could disappear… so what do I do? I write a blog. Seems logical.

“Why is he (my son) so fat? He should go on a diet.” – umm… that is NOT okay to say. He’s 9 1/2. Yes, in recent months, he’s put on weight…but he swims 4-6 days a week… all of a sudden he’s going to grow.

“Maybe if you’d come see us, you’d know what is happening.” -umm…you’re not my parents. I didn’t grow up with you and our relationship has never been one of comfort. Maybe if you’d like to see me, you could invite me over.

“She (my daughter) better keep getting A’s. She’s on track to get a full ride scholarship to anywhere she wants to go.” Umm… she’s in 6th grade. She hasn’t even gotten her first report card. and you better not say that in front of her…that is pressure that she doesn’t need.

“He (my son) is so emotional. Is he still struggling?” Umm…who cares if he’s emotional? There is nothing wrong with feeling your feelings.

“Oh young girls (talking about my daughter and her friend). They are such a handful.” Umm…please tell me about what you know about pre-teen girls…since you never had any daughters…

“Your mom (my hubby’s mom) won’t let me have a saw.” ummm…you have Alzheimers…it’s probably a good thing that she won’t let you wander around the camp with a saw.

“You (to my hubby) need to stop doing things that are so dangerous…you’re a family man.” Ummm…he was roasting marshmallows during this conversation…. such a dare devil.

“If you don’t want to get married, you can get what you want.” Ummm… LOL. My father-in-law talking to my daughter and her friend about how they shouldn’t get married because then they will only be allowed to eat one s’more.

“No one wants to do what I want to do, so I might as well pack up and leave.” Umm…okay?

I shouldn’t laugh. It’s not funny…but sometimes the only option is to laugh so you don’t cry.

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