comfort level

I’ve reached that comfort-level point in my relationship with Jake… ya know…that point where you can walk into the house without ringing the doorbell.

To me, the best thing about that point in a relationship is that although I am 100% comfortable with the sexual aspect of our relationship… there are times where it doesn’t have to be sexual at all.

Take tonight for example. I showed up with my kids for a playdate. They had a house full of people…I was able to say hi to everyone and the kids went off to run and play. I found Jake asleep in bed. I sat down next to him and gave him a kiss when he woke up. That was it. The bedroom door was open. Friends and family were walking around. Even when I laid down next to him, it wasn’t sexual. We talked. We laughed.

Sex, although always somewhat on the table, wasn’t a thing tonight. We are past that point in our relationship where sex has to happen for us to know where we stand with each other.

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