I’m questioning a lot of things in my life right now… I feel like I’m at that point in a trail where I have to make a decision as to which path I will follow, but am unsure of which one I want. All the paths have what could be great things waiting for me…so it’s up to me to look and make sure that I’m following what I want.

I remember being younger and thinking “I can’t wait to be an adult”. What the hell did I know? Being an adult is hard. The choices I make right now impact me. They impact my friends. My family. The pressure to make a good decision is hard.

  • Do I deserve something better?
  • Do I want to continue on my polyamorous lifestyle?
  • Am I happy at my job?
  • Is comfortable enough?
  • Am I pushing away those that love me?
  • Is my bipolar taking over my life?

I thought things would get easier.

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