want need or both

Sometimes what you want and what you need are completely different. Other times, they are the exact same thing.

This week is all about relaxation. Enjoying time with friends. Being on and in the water. Laughing until we can’t breathe. Taking time away from the responsibilities of being an adult. Turning off the work email notifications. Signing out of the messenger app that reminds you of the meeting times.

This week is about taking time for me. Taking time to think about where I am and where I want to go. Taking time to be thankful for how far I’ve come. Taking time to connect with myself again.

I’m a “verbal processor”. At least that is what my therapist says. I can talk and talk and talk in circles about something…but eventually it all clicks. I hear it. When I say it out loud to someone else…I hear it. The answer that I’ve been searching for. That’s part of what this blog is…certain topics I can write about. Certain topics lead to great blog posts and even better conversations with friends that follow.

This week is about not having to apologize for myself and all my feelings. This week is about me being in a safe space. This week is about being surrounded by people who care regardless of where I’m at emotionally.

I’ve wanted this week. But more importantly…I’ve needed this week.

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