sure, i’ll show you how

We had to be 19 by this point in our lives… sophomores in college.  I was more experienced than her when it came to sexual activities.  She knew that I had had a boy toy back home.  She knew that I was very flirty with some of our guy friends.  In our friendship we talked about all of it…who I kissed, where did I allow him to put his hands, did I give him a blow job, did we have sex.  Basically, she lived through my experiences because she was ready to have her own yet.  The best was when we were sitting in our room and the question is thrown out there:  “so… uh… how do you know how to give a blow job?”  Not exactly what I was expecting to hear, but it had definitely caught my attention.  “I don’t know…I just do.”  I realized real quick that things between her and her boyfriend at the time had come to a new spot in their relationship.  However, how was I supposed to explain a blow job to her?  “So you blow on it?”  Oh…okay.  I loved her greatly, she was my roommate and best friend at the time, but she was naïve and hadn’t had any experience.  She grew up in the same way that I did…you save sex for marriage.    

Fast forward to that evening. A few alcohol-filled drinks allowed for even less of a barrier between us. Okay, I got this. We had had dinner at the commons that night and I specifically grabbed two bananas and brought them back to our room. If I was about to explain how to give a blow job, then I might as well be able to show her what to do. Of course this brought lots of laughter from both of us. As I described everything from where to kiss to how to hold a guys cock. However, the funniest part came when I showed her how to deep throat. Here we are…two girls in our dorm room and I’m shoving a fucking banana down my throat to show her what I do… I had to shut my eyes simply so I wouldn’t laugh while she watched me. When I finished performing fellacio on a banana, it was her turn. Slightly awkward…even for best friends who lived together and had no secrets. As she did her ideas of what she thought her boyfriend would like, I would throw in the little tips (no pun intended) that I had learned my past guys had liked…moan occasionally, make eye contact when you can, touch him, etc. We had gotten to a point where she felt uncomfortably comfortable and decided to deep throat her banana. As she manages to get a fair amount of the banana into her mouth, it breaks off. I immediately burst into laughter and tears start rolling down my face. She manages to spit the broken banana out of her mouth before choking on it from laughing so hard. We couldn’t breathe because it was so funny. When I had finally caught my breath enough, I managed to say “well…that doesn’t normally happen and if it does, there is something majorly wrong”. We laughed about the night of the banana for a long time. Even now, over a decade later, we still laugh about bananas. Despite all of the meals and trips we’ve taken together, we still refuse to eat a banana in front of each other for fear of laughing fits that will last so long that we won’t be able to contain ourselves.

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Depending on how you were taught or how you think about it, giving a guy a blow job might not be your thing. Me? I personally love it. Basically guys become putty when receiving a blow job…and if I can be the reason? Awesome. So let’s talk about the bad and the good.


  • The smell… umm guys? WASH YOUR JUNK if you want my face anywhere near it.
  • Hair. Have you ever noticed that guys LOVE women who shave their pubic hair? Manscape. Seriously. No one wants to be picking pubes out of their mouth because you didn’t take the time to trim/shave yourself.
  • Taste…this goes along with the smell…hopefully you showered before we decide to do this. Ever seen South Park? They aren’t joking about salty balls…
  • Your jizz… now before you jump to conclusions…I’m not saying it all tastes bad. HOWEVER, do a little research…I’ve found that if a guy eats Taco Bell in the 48 hours before I do something… well let’s just say that I’m not in a hurry to revisit.
  • Don’t push on my head to deep throat your cock unless we’ve talked about it BEFORE I have you in my mouth. It’s something that I need to be prepared for so I can breathe!
  • Although I really enjoy it, I probably am not going to cum simply from getting you off…so make sure to return the favor!


  • My confidence sky rockets when I have you in my mouth.
  • They way you look at me? Sexy as fuck.
  • I enjoy pleasing him. It gives me a rush.
  • I feel wanted…once I kiss your cock, duh…you want me.
  • I can tease you all I want…even if that one comes back to bite me in the ass later…sometimes that makes it more fun.
  • It turns me on…and even if I have to use a toy to finish myself, I’m okay with that.
  • It’s can be both a dominant and submissive act at the same time.
  • I feel like he trusts me…I mean after all, I’m literally working on his most prized body part.
  • There is an intimacy that is shared between you and me in that moment.
  • I’m pretty fucking stellar at giving a blow job.

I’ve come a long way since teaching on bananas, but that memory will live on. 🤣 I hope that you have friends who you can deep throat bananas with…and hope you don’t break yours as you go.

So next time before you have a girls night in…maybe grab some bananas and see where it takes you. After all…maybe you’ll learn a new technique!

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