inner circle

Based on this chart…who’s in your circles?

Based on this chart…I can tell that I am pretty fucking lucky. But I also wonder if my way of classifying friends differs from others. I don’t know that I decipher between close friends and best friends.

In my world I am lucky enough to have what I consider to be 3 people in my intimate circle. Three people who in some way or another I have some level of commitment with. Hubby, Georgette, and Ann. These three are my ride-or-die, call at any point and they’ll answer, have seen me happy, have seen me a mess, take my feelings and thoughts into consideration, love me for me friends. At this point, I literally cannot imagine not having them there for me. Granted, my relationships with each of them are different, but I am committed to working through any issues with each of them because they are part of my future.

My close friend/best friend circle adds 1 maybe two more. And then there is the other layers which start encompassing the rest of my friends.

Once I let people into my inner circle and they start to get to know the real me, it’s terrifying. But when you find the right person who you want to let in, the end result can be amazing.

The best feeling though is when it’s a mutual feeling…when you are their inner circle too. When you are each others person.

I’m so fucking lucky.

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