in that moment

From that first kiss of trying to figure out the vibe between you to the more intense That feeling of “I can’t get enough”. That magnetic feeling that comes along with finally allowing yourself to put your hands on someone else as more than just a friendly hug. That point where you’re breathing hard and aren’t sure whether you can make it to a better location or if you just need it to happen in that exact moment.

The kisses that go from light and airy to deep and passionate. The nibbling on a lip to show how much you’re wanted. The tongue that trails all the way down your neckline and give you goosebumps and cause you to not think straight. Hands that grasp at your ass and slide up your side until your head is being held and almost pulled in. Running their hands through your hair while pulling you close.

The anticipation of feeling their hand against your bare skin as clothes are pushed out of the way and thrown to the floor. The feeling of their hot breath against your skin as they move up and down your body, admiring it every step along the way.

Finally giving in and allowing the door to open between you. That feeling of noticing his rock hard cock or the feeling of the wetness between her legs. That feeling of wanting to enjoy every last second but wanting to ravage them in a way that would leave it over far too soon.

That feeling when all you want is for them to touch you with no more clothing barriers. For their hands and fingers to explore your body. For their mouth and tongue to follow. To give up control and let your body be taken over by pleasure.

That feeling of heat that rises within you and your skin starts to glow. Each kiss makes you a little more flush than the last. The licking and kissing that leaves arched backs and small moans of pleasure. The feeling that you don’t want them to stop but you need more. That feeling of wanting to orgasm again and again and again.

You need to be together. You need to have them inside of you. You need to feel that fullness that comes with being with another person. You need to be with that person in that exact moment. You need to feel that person in and out of you. You need to have that person around you. You need to feel your muscles clench around them.

That earth shattering moment of climaxing together. Where all of the anticipation from the encounter has been spent. Where you are deliriously happy and yet exhausted. Where you can’t decide if you want round two or a nap. Where you can’t decide if you’re going to laugh or cry.

That moment of knowing that you were exactly enough. You were the right person. You were in a magical moment. You were in a moment of intimacy. Nothing else mattered except the two of you.

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