how’d you get that nickname

I love my friends. The older I get, the more my friend group gets paired down. I would say that I have a small handful of GOOD friends. Although I know a ton of people, most of them are acquaintances. The know small portions of my life here and there, but that’s about it. They know me from work, or church, or know my parents, or… They don’t really know me. And for the most part I keep it that way on purpose. However, once you’re my friend, I do what I can to keep you in my life. I want to trust you and open up to you and truly be your friend.

However, I am realizing that there are some shared names between friends and acquaintances that I write about in here. Which, for me, I can quickly know which person I’m talking about based on the story, you, as my readers wouldn’t know the difference between Ann and Ann or Amy and Amy or Andy and Andrew or… You get the point. And there are only so many entries where I can use pronouns and that’s it as the descriptive…because, well…that’s hard. 🙂

So we have now come to the point, where to keep things straight for you, I have to use middle names of some friends or nicknames. Hopefully this will help keep things straight in your heads. And if not…well… sorry. Then I guess just try to enjoy each blog for what it is individually.

THAT ALL BEING SAID, let’s get started.

I decided to go out last night with hubby and a couple of friends. Yes, I know that it was a week night…no I didn’t care…yes I’m fucking exhausted today. Great time. Good food. Lots of drinks. Lots of sassiness and laughter. The best kind of nights.

However, now one of my best friends has the name Georgette. Not exactly sure how we got there. Hubby is the one who named her that, but this morning he has no recollection of naming her that. That just makes the whole thing funnier. Where the HELL would the name Georgette come from. If I would have had to pick a name for her I was thinking something along the lines of Amber because of her hair color and sassy attitude.

So, now let me tell you a little bit about Georgette. Much like my bff Ann, Georgette is fucking amazing. I can be open and honest with her and can’t wait to have her appear in more of my blogs.

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