never a bad experience

I’m sure that if I were to ask you if you’ve ever had bad sex that you might have something come to mind.  Maybe it was one of your first times.  Maybe you were with a partner that wasn’t sure of what to do.  Maybe you were uncomfortable in the situation.  We’ll keep the bad sex for another blog… LOL

Now think about some of your best times of sex.  Maybe it was a marathon session.  Maybe it was a wham-bam session.  Maybe it was with someone incredible. 

When you thought about it, did you automatically think about penis/vagina sex?  Yeah…me too.  So let’s change that. 

What is the best oral sex you’ve had?  Even more specifically…what’s the best oral sex you’ve received?  (Again…we’ll save the bad for a different blog)

I’m going to brag for a second.  My husband is fucking AMAZING when it comes to giving oral sex.  One of his past partners described him as an absolute god when it came to using his tongue.  I’d have to say I agree. 

I remember the very first time he went down on me.  I had never had an orgasm.  I didn’t know what to expect.  It was good, but I was so nervous.  As we got more comfortable and I was able to relax and enjoy, I quickly learned that it was one of my favorite things in the world. 

When my husband’s head is between my legs, I lose all train of thought.  In that moment, there is nothing else he focuses on than my pleasure.  Kissing, sucking, light nibbles.  The changes in pressure of where and how he touches every part of my body.  There is not an inch that he doesn’t explore and give time to.  Mix that in with his hands and some toys and orgasms are plentiful. 

There is something absolutely amazing about his ability to lick my clit while also being able to slip a finger into my pussy and find my g-spot.  (And yes…it is real.  Haven’t found it yet?  You need to start looking.) 

He doesn’t eat my pussy because he has to or because that’s what he knows will lead to sex… he does it because he enjoys it.  He enjoys putting me first.  He wants me to enjoy.  That’s just the way he is…he’s giving and loving.    

So, what is my best experience?  Well…let’s put it this way…I don’t know that I’ve ever had a bad time with his tongue on my clit…

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