weirdest place

Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?

In a very interesting conversation with one of my best friends and our daughters, we somehow got on the conversation of sex. We are trying to be those moms that can talk openly about sex with our daughters. We want them to have a healthy relationship with their bodies, sex, and those they (eventually) choose to share those with. Well…somehow the question was asked “Wait…mom… have you had sex on the couch?” To which the answer was “yes”. After naming practically every piece of furniture within sight, and getting the same answer for all of them, we officially grossed out our kids.

However, what it got me thinking…where is the weirdest place that I’ve had sex?

I guess that would depend on your version of what’s “weird”.

So… here are some of my places:

  • all over the house
  • bathrooms
  • the barn
  • on the swing set
  • in the front yard
  • on the boat
  • in the lake
  • pools/hot tubs
  • in the bed of my married boyfriend
  • in an empty parking lot
  • in a car
  • on a counter at work
  • in the front window at work
  • in the basement while his wife was upstairs
  • in the dorm room while his roommate slept 2 feet away
  • hotel balcony
  • in a chapel
  • in front of my husband with another man
  • in front of my husbands girlfriend with my husband
  • in front of my husbands girlfriend with her husband
  • in the camper
  • bent over the motorcycle
  • at parents houses
  • next to another couple
  • on hiking trails
  • in parks

Are some of those weird? Maybe. Do a lot of them have great stories behind them? Absolutely.

What about you…what is your weirdest place?

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