hindsight is 20/20

You know that saying, right? That hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy for us to look back at moments in our life and say “i wish I would have done this…or said that.” But…we know more now than we did then. We know what worked and what didn’t. We know the consequences of the choices that we made.

But at the time those decisions were made, we were dealing with what we knew at the time. Maybe we only knew one side of the story. Maybe we couldn’t see past the anger we felt. Maybe we couldn’t see the intention that was behind what was said. Maybe we only heard what we wanted to hear. No matter what the situation was, we could only react and deal with things because that’s all we knew.

We can blame ourselves all we want for what we did in the past…but it’s part of our story. It’s our journey…no one ever said that the journey was going to be free of troubles. What did we learn from our journey? What have we learned from watching others journeys? How do we take those lessons and learn from them? How to we take those lessons and gently off them to those that we care about?

It’s hard in this time of social media to not compare our journeys. We see each other putting out these great versions of their lives. Or sharing their biggest losses. But what about all that time in-between that we don’t know about? The fights that ended friendships? The struggle to get out of bed and put yourself together for work? The disagreements over expectations that weren’t met? The judgement that you felt from those you love?

I’m still trying to figure it out. My path. My journey. All I know is that mine is going to look different than yours…and that’s okay.

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