burning orchid

Burning orchid

The orchid is one of my favorite flowers. It’s unique beauty. The dramatic colors. Temperamental (at least to those of us who don’t have a green thumb).

Like roses…the various colors of orchids have various meanings. Exotic. Graceful. Strength. Delicate. Love. Luxury. Femininity. Joy. Passion. Admiration. Creativity. Spirituality.

In a way, I’d like to think that all of those different symbols that orchids stand for, it also stands for me. Or at least things I’d like to stand for.

But then you add in the flames and fire…although still beautiful, it adds an element of danger. It adds an element of unknown. You want to look at it and explore it, but you approach it safely.

I know that I’m burning. My flame keeps me safe. People are interested but not in a hurry to get too deep.

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