it’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I don’t like that fact. I really enjoy writing and getting my thoughts, feelings, and experiences out there.

But, I have been struggling a lot lately with my both my mental and physical health. That makes it hard to write. My mind jumps from topic to topic wondering if certain things are appropriate to write about…wondering if it would help. But there is also the fear of putting things down in writing…somehow it makes things more “real”. It means I’m acknowledging things that otherwise “stay safe” in my head.

I always told myself that I would be honest and true in my blog…at least about situations (names may or may not change). I would try to put myself and my experiences and feelings out there in hopes that maybe it would help someone else. But it’s still a terrifying prospect in many ways.

I’m working on it. I’ll put together some blogs regarding the whirlwind that I find myself in right now and I’ll post them. Honest and real.

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