you sleep there

I remember the feelings of the first time I squirted…that type of intense orgasm was something that I hadn’t ever felt before. Since that point 3 years ago, I have continued to “refine” the practice of doing so during fun sessions. The art of squirting is not the elusive unicorn experience that I used to chase anymore…now it’s a much more regular thing. The orgasms are fantastic. The guys that have experienced me squirting enjoy it as much as I do.

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HOWEVER…one thing that I have come to realize. It’s bad enough to have to sleep in the wet spot after a “regular” sex session…but after a session that makes you squirt?! Then we aren’t talking about a small wet spot that you can position yourself around…we’re talking about a spot that tends to take up the majority of one side of the bed. You might as well dump my glass of water that I have by my bed.

I do NOT like sleeping in the wet spot. To be frank…I’m kinda grossed out by it. (weird, I know)

Now…for those moments where I know that the goal is multiple orgasms, crazy toys, multiple positions, planned out fun? Those I can prepare for. I can lay down towels or blankets or put something over our bed to prevent my dreaded wet spot. Then I can take those things off my bed and climb into my nice DRY bed and fall asleep in that post-sex stupor.

But what about the nights that you don’t think are going to be crazy? Maybe it’s the night that all you want is the quickie. Or maybe it’s the night that all you want is slow, romantic making love. The nights where you don’t think it’s going to be “messy”. Those are the nights that tend to catch me off guard…and then we end up with the dreaded wet spot.

Okay rant over. Maybe I just need to keep an extra towel or two present at all times.

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