just another friday night

Doesn’t everyone spend their Friday nights smoking weed in a garage with their hubby and their boyfriend?

It doesn’t happened every time I smoke, but there is this magical place that I I reach sometimes. BFF and I say when we can hear mice fart, we know we are in that magical place. Time tends go weirdly slow and I can enjoy every minute. I tend to laugh at stupid things and say things that don’t make the most sense. It almost feels as though everything is a dream. It’s amazing.

However, that was the first time that I’ve been able to have sex while being this high.

I wanted to throw myself at him while outside. Instead, we managed to sneak upstairs to his bedroom while our spouses and kids were playing Nintendo.

Jake is well endowed and you can see him through his jeans.

In a typical “hookup” with Jake, we quickly take our clothes off and meet on the bed and jump right into sex. This was different. There was passion that we normally don’t give into. Once the bedroom door shut, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Our kisses were filled with want. His hands were running through my hair and pulling just enough that I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning.

He was rock hard when he pushed his cock into me. We had been building the tension for hours and being high was definitely helping. I was wet and waiting.

One of the best things about high sex? I could have sworn that we had sex for hours. The weird time continuum that I was in helped.

Jake held me down on the bed by the shoulders while he slammed his cock into me. The roughness took me by surprise and made me cum immediately.

I have no idea how many times he made me cum. It was a lot. My pussy was sore in the best way possible. When we were done, I laid there. Naked. Hot.

Jake is always sweet to me in his own Jake-way. I feel cared for when I’m with him. I’m comfortable with him…even in my high state where I tend to make a fool of myself.

When we came downstairs, no one was the wiser.

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