i missed it

The first time time Jake and I got together was in 2019. His wife and my hubby had met on a dating app and had gone out for a drink. Hubby knew that I had questions about being poly, so he introduced us. She and I got along great. I was curious about being with a woman, so she invited me over. The whole I idea was that I could experiment as much or as little as I wanted with no pressure. When I went over there, she had made it very clear to Jake that he was not invited to join us in the bedroom. Fast forward an hour or so and we were experimenting with different textures that I found arousing. So I’m blindfolded and tied up in their bed, asking if Jake would come upstairs and join us.

Less than a month later, Jake and I were spending time together on a regular basis. I was in grad school and not working, so I had time. I wasn’t working another job and he worked from home one day a week at that point, so I’d spend my time naked in his bed. While he was working, I would be studying. When we had a break, we’d take time to enjoy each other. He would even bring me coffee in bed.

One thing that I really appreciate about Jake, besides his cock, is that he and I don’t have to be having sex to enjoy each others company. We talk about all sorts of random things…gardening. depression. cooking. weird random facts about nothing.

It’s been almost nine months since I’ve hooked up with someone other than my hubby. Between pandemic, people choosing monogamy, and life happening, I haven’t had time. And let’s be honest…99% of people that I talk to want only one thing…sex…they don’t want the friendship/relationship that I want to go with it. Mix that all in with the fact that I don’t really like people and my pool of possible candidates is pretty small.

Jake and I have always had an interesting relationship… and if most people were to see us together, we don’t really seem to fit. Our kisses aren’t quite as natural as I’ve had with others, but unlike with others, I don’t feel ashamed of my body. I’m completely comfortable laying down naked on his bed with the daylight coming in and waiting for him to join me.

(I wish we looked that good. LOL) Photo by W R on Pexels.com

We aren’t the most adventurous couple in the bed… in other words, I know what I’m getting when I’m with Jake. We don’t really do multiple positions. He doesn’t eat pussy or really touch me as a form of foreplay. Everything we do together is based simply off of the want of fucking. Our form of foreplay is sexting back and forth and teasing each other with words and ideas.

I was so excited that I was finally able to go see Jake. I was happy to have Jake waiting for me the other night.

However it’s been nine months since I’ve felt someone else’s cock in me. To say that I was wet with anticipation as I drove over there is an understatement. I could see and also feel his excitement when he came to hug me hello.

We took off our clothes and climbed onto his bed. As he positioned himself over me, I arched my back, very quickly falling back into something that was incredibly comfortable.

When he was sliding into me, he whispered how much he missed me, making me want him even more. I had forgotten how girthy Jake was…in a good way. I could feel myself stretch around him as he entered me.

Slow and deliberate thrusts while kissing and nibbling my nipples turned into fast and furious while biting. It was amazing. I had forgotten that he has incredible stamina that he can go for longer and harder than I am used to.

It doesn’t take me much to reach the point of orgasming with Jake. I barely have to do anything in order to feel myself tighten around him and let go. Because of his size, once he’s ready to let go, I can cum with him too. He seems to enjoy filling me with his cum.

A couple of hours later and we did it all again.

I am looking forward to the next time too.

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