chasing tails

I sent my boss a link to a video on youtube last week. She had asked me how things were going and it was my response to her. It was a compilation video of dogs chasing their tails. I said…this basically sums up how I feel most days. We had a good laugh over it…knowing that some days were definitely harder than others.

Photo by Heather White on

I’m exhausted. Every day I chase my tail with the hopes that someday there is going to be a big prize for me when I catch it. Even though the other part of me knows that even if I do catch it, it will only be temporary and before I know it I will start chasing it again.

Professionally speaking, it’s the life I’ve chosen. I know that some days I’ll need to “run faster” to catch my tail…and no matter what, it will never be fast enough for the powers that be.

My dating life is another story. I don’t mind doing some chasing…but I better be able to catch something at some point. And lately…well lately that hasn’t been happening. At all.

Home life isn’t much better. Between cooking and cleaning and putting everyone else first…I’m constantly chasing.

How long do I continue to chase my tail before I realize that the outcomes aren’t going to change?

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