wtf paul

I’m sure that you all remember Paul… after all…it tended to be one of my most read posts after all the amazing sex that we had… and then he decided to go and get a girlfriend and decide to put our friends with benefits on hold. Awesome. Good, I’m glad he’s happy.

I still reach out to him every once-and-a-while. Not because I want to break up him and his girlfriend. Not because I want to put him in an uncomfortable situation. Not because I want to do anything but say hi as a friend and see how things are going. Ya know…a true thing that a friend might do. Now, all of a sudden I tend to get short, one-word answers. Really?

THEN…I was scrolling the Facebook world the other night and he had checked in at a diner for dinner. Normally Paul and I live about 40 minutes away from each other. The diner he had checked in at for dinner was 10 minutes from my house…about 3 minutes from where I was that night. Wait…he was in town? Very rarely does he make it to my little slice of country since he’s a city-guy. But here he was eating dinner and he can’t even manage a phone call or a text to say hi? I commented on his post… no response. I texted him. No response.

He’s been friends with my hubby for 30 years. Friends with me for 15 years. Just because I have an open marriage doesn’t mean that I’m not going to respect the fact that he is in a monogamous relationship.

I don’t know what to think. Do I hope it’s Paul’s decision? Kinda. Maybe it’s too tempting. Okay…I guess? Do I hope it’s his girlfriend’s decision? Kinda. But in that case, if you can’t trust him now, it’s not going to get any better. Either way it makes me sad.

Someone that I have called a friend for years and have felt safe with has decided to cut me out. Sure, the sex is good, but I’d much rather have a friend.

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