happily ever after

I’m sitting in a hotel room tonight. Close to work because of bad weather. Big king sized bed and all I have to keep me company are the thoughts running through my head.

“They get married and live happily ever after.”

Sure… I would describe my marriage as a happy marriage. However, a happy marriage doesn’t mean that we don’t ever have our struggles.

Hubby and I have been struggling in our marriage lately. We’re not fighting. We’re getting along…really well…as roommates. We have our routines worked out well. Who does what. Who takes the kids where and when. Our routine is great. We both know our “jobs” and we excel at them. My hubby is a great father to our kids.

We struggle when it comes time to setting aside all of the parenting, the house stuff, and the job stuff. We struggle because after all that stuff is done, now we are exhausted and have little time or energy left for each other.

When the movies end they leave out the fact that real life gets hard. It gets in the way. No matter how happy I am, there are still going to be times that struggles arise and we have to work through them.

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