not really a best

As I continue to think about the friendships that I am saying goodbye to, it has brought up some questions: Is it really possible to stay friends when we don’t respect each other? I’m sure you could argue both sides if you really wanted to, but maybe a more important question is: why would I want to stay friends with people who don’t respect me?

As I look back at my friendships over the years… when I called someone my best friend, to me it meant:

  • I could call them no matter what the time
  • they were there to make me laugh
  • often it involved drinking and mischief

As I think about it now, there are things that I realized that even in my “best” friendships over the years, I didn’t share the tough stuff.

  • suicidal thoughts
  • opening my marriage
  • marriage struggles

If I can’t share these things with my best friends…

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