I have an admission. I want to be watched having sex. Shit…I like watching other people have sex. Why?

Photo by Erik Mclean on
  • it’s erotic
  • Guys are visual creatures…so if they watch, they get turned on. If they get turned on, then I feel desired.
  • It’s not something we are “supposed to want”.
  • Compersion…I like knowing that others have joy
  • The excitement of “getting caught”
  • public sex is exciting

I am not comfortable with my body at all, but in those moments it doesn’t matter. Knowing that my hubby has watched me have sex with others is incredibly intense and hot…and I’m pretty sure it lead to some pretty hot sex between us later.

I enjoy watching other people have sex.

To me…it’s two (or more) people enjoying each other. Enjoying the chemistry they have. Enjoying the fact that certain physical things feel good. Enjoying the experimentation. Enjoying a moment of love between people.

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