I’ve always had thoughts of being with multiple people. To me, even though I was brought up in a “stereotypical” family of 2 married parents, I always wondered about the “what ifs” that monogamy brought. I had been the cheater. I had been the one cheated on. I started writing. I started reading. I started trying to figure out if I was the only one who had these ideas. Finally I came across the word that finally made sense to me.


The “opposite of jealousy”. Rather than feeling upset or threatened when your partner romantically or sexually interacts with another person, I feel a sense of happiness for them. Does that mean that it’s always easy? Absolutely not. Just because I feel compersion, doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel jealousy. I feel joy when I know that my hubby has a connection with someone else. I enjoy seeing him happy. I enjoy seeing him smile. I enjoy knowing that he is happy. And I enjoy knowing that he is my forever partner. From what I can tell from our conversations, this is what my hubby feels for me when I see my partners.

I in no way am an expert on these items. I am learning every day.

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