I’ve had some amazing conversations with my bff lately… all about how hubby and I are in an open marriage. What does that mean to us? How does it work? What feelings are involved? What happens if…? What boundaries do we have set up? What have we learned?

I love my bff. She is amazing (just go back and read my blog all about her!). But I truly appreciate her willingness to ask me questions. Some of her questions are hard and make me think about what I want and what I believe…not to just answer with the canned “appropriate” answer. Some of her questions make me smile and laugh. But I appreciate every question she asks me because I know that she isn’t judging my answers. I love that she sends me pictures of quotes of books that she’s reading. She’s asking because she wants to learn. It doesn’t matter if she would want the same thing for her and her husband or not… she knows that learning more gives her the ability to know me better. To understand. To appreciate the similarities and the differences. That’s what friends are supposed to be for. To allow you to be yourself, but make sure that you’re okay while doing it. We can ask have real discussions…as serious, silly, or sad as they need to be.

It makes me think about who I am. Who I want to be. Who I love now. Who I’ve loved in the past. Why they’ve been a part of my life. What they brought to my life. In some cases, what they took away from me. What I’ve learned along the way.

What have I learned? No matter what type of relationship that you are in…it takes vulnerability, honesty, love, and work.

Since I’m not sure what question to ask, I throw it to you…those who are reading this… what do you want to know?

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