if you ask

Be my whore tonight.

That’s all his text said.

Now, I realize that some people might have been offended by his text, but when Paul sends me that text, I get excited. Like I have mentioned before, I know that I am safe with Paul. Even if we decide to push the limits, I know that he will not intentionally hurt me. And if he were to accidentally hurt me, he would feel awful and do whatever he could to make things better. There is a feeling of comfort there.

Photo by Tuesday Temptation on Pexels.com

Paul is well-endowed. It’s part of what makes it fun and what I crave about our sessions. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my hubby, but for some things size does make a difference.) I have been telling Paul for quite awhile to push the limits with me. He did…a little bit… I told him that I wanted to make him happy…it was all about me doing whatever I could to make him happy. I wanted him to be a little rough with me. Pull my hair. Smack my ass. Fuck my face. Whatever we decided to do, I wanted him to be in control of me.

Let’s just say that Paul is very very talented with his hands and what he can do with them. In my eyes, it’s always a good thing when a guy asks me how many orgasms I’ve had, and I honestly can’t tell you. And to let him have some first time experiences with me…I enjoyed it. He had never had that many fingers in someone at once…and to know I enjoyed it…

He wanted to “fuck my face”. And I was more than happy to oblige. However, being the female, I don’t understand the wanting to hear the gagging noise or enjoying seeing a string of spit…but whatever. I thrive on the excitement of him. His smile and rock hard cock made me excited.

Would I take this treatment from just anyone? Absolutely not. But there is something incredibly hot about the fact that I can do this with him.

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