I really want to makeout with someone right now. Yes, it obviously leads to more 99% of the time, but right now it sounds incredible to me.

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I remember the first kiss that I had with my hubby. The sexual tension had been building for years and we had done other stuff, so when that kiss actually came and it took me by such surprise…ugh. The feeling was amazing. Do we still have kisses like that? Yes. Absolutely. He can still make me weak in the knees with a kiss.

Paul gave me a pretty fucking amazing first kiss as well. He left the feeling of wanting to ravage my body when he kissed me. I enjoy making out with Paul and can also leave me feeling weak in the knees.

What do I want right now? A kiss…

The kind that starts as the sweet little kiss and turns into the can’t get enough of that person. The kind where they bite at your lip just enough to leave me wanting more. The kind where they bring their hand up to your neck to bring you closer. Or push you up against a wall and press their body against yours. The kind that makes you weak in the knees. Where you get lost in time and space and breathe in their scent. The kind that your tongues intertwine and explore each other. The kind that leaves you wanting more. The kind that makes you forget everything except exactly that moment.

That’s what I want. Right now.

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