through my eyes

Do you have anyone in your life that you look at and you see who they really are? Not just the physical side, but you see them?

Fallen Angel: I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

There is something special about seeing a friend for who they really are.

My BFF is going through some hard times lately…feeling angry, sad, guilty, and unworthy. But I wish I could share with her what I see:

Look at 6 months ago and look at where you are now… It’s been messy and hard and yucky feeling, but I see the hard work. I’ve witnessed the tears. I’ve jumped down the rabbit holes after you to try and pull you back to a safe place. I’ve bothered you when you didn’t want to be bothered. You keep asking if you need to pull back or if I need a break.

But what I wish I could explain better is that I look back at these last few months and look at all of those moments and I am so proud of you. You have put your heart into learning. You’ve acknowledged mistakes and are learning from them. You are trying new things and throwing your heart into things that will help you. You are facing the hard things and not running away. You are more courageous than you give yourself credit for.

You are inspirational and I am thankful for you. I am thankful that you have allowed me to come on your journey with you. You have trusted me and helped me in return. Watching you grow and take the necessary steps to put your pieces back together how you want is inspiring.

You are beautiful. Inside and out. Don’t doubt it, because other people can see it and believe it.

I love you friend.

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