I sent a text to my bff today. “I hooked up with Paul today.” I think in some ways she likes to live vicariously through me and my stories. But rather than type it out for just her, I might as well put it in a blog so that everyone can enjoy.

I guess I should start at the beginning of the story that has become me and Paul.

We’ve had a flirty relationship since I first said that I was looking for a big bull to ride at that party. I remember however, that he and I were texting back and forth at one point years ago and somehow I made the comment that “two didn’t scare me”. It was an open-ended statement and I had done it on purpose. I wanted to know how he was going to take it. Well, he took it exactly like I had wanted him too. Paul and I have flirted on and off ever since that point. There might be times when he and I talked for a few days in a row and then we might have weeks or even months pass by that we don’t talk.

We took turns making racy comments and even a random picture or two. It was fun.  It was innocent.  Until it wasn’t.  But it was okay because I was always honest with my hubby about when I would hear from Paul. Fuck, they were friends. They had been friends since their college party days.

The first time that Paul and I hooked up, I went to his house. That was when he first learned that hubby and I were open. That was the first time I had kissed or had sex with someone else. That was the first time that I experienced squirting. It was amazing. The second time we hooked up? Well…lucky for you I had happened to write a journal entry of it, so I typed it up…because what makes a good blog? Fun topics. What makes an epic blog? Sex. 🙂

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I wanted to make sure that I was as prepared as possible. I wanted to make sure that i hadn’t missed any spots shaving. I wanted to make sure I looked sexy.  It wasn’t the first time that we were going to be hooking up – we had fucked before, but this time was different…this time I knew what to expect – everything from his size to what he was capable of making me feel.  I put on a black satin top over my freshly pierced nipples and black lacy panties.  I felt sexy. Paul was coming over with the pure intent of fucking me – in multiple different ways.  I knew what he wanted.  He knew what I wanted.  “I’m here.” A text alone that sent a wave of shivers through me.  I answered the door in lingerie (amazing what I’m willing to do when I know who is on the other side of the door).  He walked into the house and we greeted each other.  Now up until this point, Paul had told me that before I even said hello that I better be on my knees and ready to suck his cock, so I was surprised when he came up to me, grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me.  His lips were soft, and his tongue explored my mouth as I kissed back.  His grip on my head kept me pulled in as he bit my lip and let his other hand explore my panties.  This time was different because we were in my living room – this was happening on my turf. Hubby and I specifically moved our futon to the living room the night before and put it up against the couch for a movie night, but…all of a sudden, I had a sex stage.  It was a spot that I was going to have some amazing orgasms and I knew it.  I knelt on the futon in front of Paul and watched him as he kicked off his motorcycle boots.  I reached for the button on his pants as he grabbed my head and kissed me. His hand went from the back of my head down my arm and between my legs as he rubbed my clit through my wet panties. Feeling my wet panties, he pushed them aside and began rubbing my clit.  I was dripping wet and he was making my legs start to feel weak as he slipped a finger into my pussy.  I came immediately.  Knowing that’s what I liked, he turned me over, so I was on my hands and knees in front of him. Mmm.  Doggy-style.  My favorite. Last time, Paul had made me squirt in this position by fucking me with his fingers…the anticipation was high.  I was already dripping with my own cum from being so turned on.  He shoved his fingers into my pussy.  Hard and rough, but not painful…he definitely knew how to make a woman cum using his hands.  Aggressively finger fucking my pussy and making me cum over and over.  You could hear how wet I was every time his fingers plummeted into my pussy.  I knew what was next.  His cock hovered at my pussy.  I wanted it.  He wanted it. No hesitation, Paul slammed his cock into me.  The sensation was amazing.  He smacked my ass hard enough I’m sure there was a handprint on my ass. 

Paul is a well-endowed man.  Thick and long.  He pounded his cock into my pussy over and over, going back and forth from grabbing my hips to pulling on my ponytail.  I leaned back into him, wanting his cock to fill me.  He has the ability to be rock hard and pounding my pussy without cumming.  He pulled his cock out of my pussy – it was wet with my cum all over it.  I sat on the edge of the futon with P standing in front of me.  His cock covered in my cum.  I licked the tip of his cock before licking the shaft of his cock.  He was rock hard, and I knew that one of the things he said he wanted to do was to fuck my mouth.  So, I took his cock and put it into my mouth.  My tongue swirling around the tip of his cock.  Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock, the combination of my pussy and my spit providing enough lube to give him a hand/blow job. I like to fancy myself as someone who is good at giving head.  When I have an attraction to someone, I like giving head.  There is something incredibly hot about being able to deep throat a penis and hear the moans and groans of a guy.  I said earlier that Paul had a thick and long cock, but it was when it was in my mouth that I was reminded of how amazing it was.  As I sucked on P’s cock, I took as much of it as I could into my mouth.  Deep throating his cock as he grabbed my ponytail to lightly push my head further onto his cock.  His long hard cock hit my gag reflex, but I tried to ignore it, in that moment I wanted nothing more than to please him.  “I’m going to fuck your mouth now.” Who would have ever thought that those words would be so fucking sexy?  He grabbed each side of my head with enough force to not let it move as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.  Nothing better than hearing a guy say, ‘oh my god’, ‘that feels great’, ‘you’re amazing at that’.  I pulled my head back and licked the tip of his cock and with my best bedroom eyes, looked up at him and asked him what he wanted from me.  “Oh, you know what I want.”  Anal sex.  He wanted to fuck me in the ass.  (Side note quick – I have always enjoyed anal sex.  I had anal sex before I had regular sex.  I love having my ass toyed with and having anal sex with my hubby.)  I knew Paul wanted to fuck me in the ass.  He had been telling me that for years. Basically, since we took our flirtation to the sassy level.  “I want you on your back so I can watch your face when I fuck you in the ass.”  I laid down on the futon.  I felt vulnerable as I lay in front of P.  He grabbed a vibrator off the table and turned it on. I smiled and shivered as he put the tip of the vibrator directly against my clit, making me wriggle in ecstasy.  His fingers slipped into my pussy as he held the vibrator against me.  He took his fingers out of his pussy and pushed one into my ass, making me groan. Pushing my legs into the air, he put his cock against the rim of my asshole.  The smile on his face told me that this was exactly what he wanted.  Paul leaned into me causing his cock to enter my ass.  He was big. My asshole was stretched tightly around his cock.  I stretched my arms out and gripped the futon as he began to pump his cock in and out of my ass.  P began to aggressively fuck my ass – pumping in and out vigorously.  “Are you still ok?”  My legs were spread wide as he towered over me and put his finger on my clit, rubbing it.  Then leaning over me, he pushed his cock into my ass and made me cum.  Seriously, how could I be that tight around his cock and not make him cum?  I felt stretched and well fucked, we were both sweaty and yet not wanting to stop. Paul pulled out of my ass, I could still feel my ass gaping from his size. 

After a quick visit to the bathroom for both of us, we find ourselves back on the futon. I go climb between his legs and sit on my knees and take his large cock between my hands and immediately deep throat his cock.  The moan that came from his mouth says that I had surprised him by immediately deep throating him.  I enjoyed hearing him moan and began bouncing my head up and down.  I graze his balls with my hand as I grab his cock and suck it hard.  I want to make him cum.  Hard. He rolls over and stands up, grabbing his cock in his hands and starts stroking it.  He wants to cum on my face…and I want his cum to drip into my mouth. 

We’ve hooked up a few times since then. I would say once every couple of months. It’s amazing and fun every time we are together.

Fast forward to today. I get a text. “I’m 5 miles from your house, are you home?” and then “I’m rock hard and I could really use a quickie.” I replied and immediately jumped in the shower…after all I had spent the day weeding the gardens and doing housework…I was disgusting. I got out of the shower and dressed just as he arrived. He and my hubby were outside talking. “This is what you get when I only get 10 minute warning” was how I greeted him. At least I was clean, but I wasn’t looking sexy at all. The kids were home, so hubby played interference while Paul and I went and had some fun.

We have a camper on our property, that allowed us some freedom. Paul kisses me like I’m the only person he cares about in that moment. “Are you ready to be my fuck toy?” Yes. I was. I was able to suck on his cock and hold his balls in my hand…I enjoy having him in my mouth. He presses just slightly down on my head while I suck on his cock, making me gag just a little. But the noises of pleasure are worth the lack of air (LOL). “God, Bri” “Fuck yes.” “You are amazing” I wanted nothing more in that moment than to please him and do whatever he wanted me to do. He asked me to get on my knees and he shoved his cock into me and pounded me hard. However, I knew that he came over wanting a blow job, so I wasn’t going to let him get away without allowing me to finish. I licked of my pussy juices off his cock. I wanted to make him cum…and I did. He exploded into my mouth and I swallowed. I continued to lick the tip of his cock as he moaned and laughed all at the same time. (Side note: I like seeing how different people react to orgasms)

I like knowing that Paul enjoys what I am able to offer him enough that we can get together for some fun…whether it happens a few weeks apart or months apart… we enjoy our time and we can still be friends afterwards.

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