30 days

As of yesterday, I am 30 days sober. Did I have a problem with alcohol? Not really. I could go days without drinking. I wouldn’t necessarily finish a drink when I had one.

So…why did I stop? My bff decided that she needed to try and in my support of her, I jumped on board and said, “Absolutely. Let’s do this.”

That was 30 days ago. Do I miss alcohol? Not really the alcohol, but the social aspect that went along with “grabbing a beer or a glass of wine”…especially now as we get into prime bonfire weather.

I don’t know if I’ll decide to start drinking again or not. To be honest, I’d probably be just as happy with something like Dr. Pepper in my fancy drinking glass.

Here are the only “problems” that I’ve encountered so far:

  • I haven’t lost any weight due to stopping drinking.
  • If I replace alcohol with Dr. Pepper, I can drink that much faster and never stop due to being drunk

I guess there are many “problems” with this plan.

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