new level

You know that you have hit a new level of friendship with someone when you order yourself a new sex toy and you order an extra one because you think your BFF will have an appreciation for it too.

The first time I was in a sex toy shop, it was with 3 of my high school friends, the summer after our senior year. Unfortunately, we happened to choose a seedy store. I have since been in enough that I understand that there are multiple different class levels of sex stores. That first one…dark and dingy…probably a good thing we went as a group, because we all walked away and no on one tried to kidnap us from the dark parking lot. Thank goodness for online shopping now…I don’t want to have to drive to the closest toy store…about 35 minutes away…and I can’t even guarantee they would have had what I wanted.

Now, to be clear… BFF and I have never had any sexual experiences with each other, nor do we ever plan to. The extent of our “sexual” contact was me showing her my pierced nipples…that was more a funny thing as we were driving down the interstate rather than a sexual thing.

We have been saying for months that I need to show her my collection of sex toys…apparently she seems to think that I have more to offer than a “normal” person. We have yet to do that. However, I’m sure it will make for an amazing blog post after. 🙂

Well, the other night I really wanted to use a toy with my hubby that we haven’t used in awhile only to remember that it had gotten thrown away due to an unfortunate incident with a young puppy who thought it would make for a good chew toy. So…why not go shopping? I always end up buying more than I think I’m going to when on sites dedicated to sex toys. This time was a double penetrator and fantasy pleasure tape. Last time it was a crop and a new vibrator.

Unfortunately she is out of town for the holiday weekend, so I can’t give her the present. However, I sure hope that she enjoys it with her husband as much as I enjoy mine.

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