I value growth. The physical growth of watching my kids…amazing. However, I’m talking more along the lines of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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Growing happens. However, how much we want to grow lies within us. What do we want to learn? Who do we want to be? Are we willing to put in the effort to continue growing?

Sometimes I feel like the little sprout that is push through the cement blocks on the sidewalk who is constantly being stepped on or feeling like there isn’t enough room for me…or the little sapling on the bottom of the forest floor who is competing for water and sun.

Growing is hard…sometimes it feels as though you’re all alone. Other times, you feel like you have a crowd along with you. The first step to growth seems so big sometimes…but in actuality it’s not. The first step is making the choice that it’s okay to grow.

I never want to be stagnant. I want to grow. I want to challenge myself. I want to push past the fear that comes with all of it.

I value growth…even when it’s hard.

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