my story

In the beginning of my very favorite movie, the main character says “First rule of writing, Mr. Tupman,
is never write what you know.” Okay…that seems easy enough. Let my imagination fly. Got it.

But wait…By the end of the movie, she is told “there is more to you than this… IF you have the courage to write it.”

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I love that last quote. Do I have the courage to write it?

This blog is MY story. No one else has the memories and the stories that go with it. No one else remembers the tears and the laughter along the way. People might not agree along the way or might love what they hear. However, it’s still my story. Right or wrong, it’s my story.

I own it. I learn from it. I grow from it.

I write it. It’s NOT easy some days…I jump from topic to topic wondering what will “click”. I get stuck with hard questions that I’m not ready to dive into. There are days when I can’t help but smile and giggle at the words I type because of the memories that are flowing onto the page.

I hope that is what my blog becomes…a window into me. The fun, silly side that talks about bananas all the way to the side that talks about my darkest moments. It’s all my story. It’s all stuff that make me who I am.

People might know certain pages or even certain chapters of my story, but, I don’t want to be a writer who doesn’t let you see me. So, I’m trying to find the courage to write my more…

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