How many best friends have you had in your life? I’m not going to lie…I’ve Had multiple. As I think back…elementary school, middle school, high school, college, post college, early marriage, becoming a mom, few years in to marriage…different stages in life have had different BFFs. They each provided me with the type of friendship that was right for that point in my life.

So who’s my BFF now? Who is the person that has been accompanying me on my journey and making a difference in my life enough to call then my best friend? Let me tell you just some of of the reasons I love her.

1. She understands me better than anyone.

2. We have memories that no-one else will understand.

3. History.

4. We have our own private language.

5. One look and she can make me burst into laughter.

6. She feels like a sister to me.

7. There is no ego between us.

8. We love each other – fully.

9. She never judges me.

10. She always knows the right thing to say when I am down and out.

11. When I am having a bad day, she takes over.

12. She understands my faults.

13. She accepts my faults.

14. We compliment one another.

15. Our meme streak is on fire.

16. She makes fun of me all the time – but in a best friend kind of way.

17. If I am having a bad day, she does whatever she can to make me smile.

18. She has my back. My best friend always has my back.

19. We don’t need to do anything out of this world in order to have a good time.

20. We never lie to one another.

21. I can call her 1000 times in one day and she wouldn’t mind.

22. I know she would take care of my children if I asked her – without a question!

23. My best friend is honest and trustworthy.

24. She treats my children with love and respect.

25. She lets me know when I am wrong.

26. She can pull me out of a pretty bad mood.

27. She doesn’t judge me for not working out.

28. She lets me know when I’ve done a job well done.

29. She lets me vent about my children without judgement.

30. She lets me vent about my husband without judgement.

31. She knows she can tell me anything and I won’t judge her.

32. My best friend is full of goals and is inspiring.

33. She pushes me to be a better person.

34. She prays for me when I really need it.

35. I can’t see my life without her.

36. We are 100% loyal to one another.

37. We would never do anything to hurt one another.

38. I know that she would always stick up for me.

39. She lets me cry when I need to let it all out.

40. She knows how to listen when I need to just do a major emotional dump on her.

41. If I need to call her at an odd hour in the night, I know she will pick up.

42. I’m never afraid to be who I really am around her.

43. She is a wonderful role model for my children.

44. I have no idea what my life would be like without her.

45. She knows what’s better for me more than I know what’s better for me!

46. She loves my husband.

47. She is my rock.

48. We don’t need to spend any money to have a great time.

49. Our relationship never feels one-sided.

50. We can talk about absolutely anything and it doesn’t matter.

51. Personal space is never an issue.

52. We never shut up when we are together.

53. We always feel like we are doing standup when we are alone.

54. We always know how to have a good time – even on a dime.

55. When I hear, “don’t tell a soul”… she doesn’t count.

56. She knows things about me that could probably get me arrested

57. Her (minor) imperfections are just part of her charm

I love you, Ann.

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