last day

It’s the last night of vacation. We’ve had a week of perfect weather. Good food. great company.

We’ve drank a lot. We’ve smoked even more. We’ve snuck off for sex. We’ve laughed until we cry.

We swam some. Floated and fished. Jet ski and boated. Blew bubbles and played fetch.

What an amazing week. We left our cares and worries behind. We were able to be present and focus on what we had…amazing friends.

I’ve known hubby for 21 years. I’ve never seen him have a vacation where the “to do” list was short, let alone non-existent. Weren’t worried about anything except having fun. It was a wonderful reminder as to why I love him as much as I do.

I feel closer to my bestie. We might not have had all the fun, sex talks that I think we were both expecting, but we had other discussions. I value her more tonight than I did a week ago. I respect and love her more now than I ever realized before and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

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