big or small

Does size matter? And yes, we are talking cock size.

Length? Girth? Both? Neither?

Is one more important than the other? Nope, because it’s more important that the guy actually understand how to use what he has…and that includes but isn’t limited to: hands, mouth, penis, various toys, etc. I’ve been surprised both ways…good and bad.

Do guys really measure their cocks? Like take a ruler and measure?

Do you measure length? Girth? And then what is considered proper measuring technique? Is there specific places that you start vs stop? Is there a limitations as to what type of measuring devices can be used? Do your measurements have to be verified by anyone else? Do you need to know how to read a ruler to have accurate results? Do you yank on it before you measure? Is your cock flaccid or erect when measuring? Do you automatically change your measurement when asked about it?

I’m really intrigued. 🧐😜

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