i’m not sure now

When is the last time you sat and listened to the wind?

I’m sitting on the deck… It’s sunset… The breeze is strong but amazing…and I’m high as fuck.

Have you ever smoked? (Or ingested?)

One of my favorite things about smoking is the super-sonic hearing that seems to accompany me. I realize that these sounds are all around me all of the time, but I swear that my hearing is improved 💯 times over. As my bestie describes it? “You can hear a mouse fart.” 🤣🤣 We absolutely love this feeling.

The other feeling we love? Time warp!! I swear that I have been writing this blog for at least 30 minutes, but according to the clock, it’s been less than 5. so, absolutely perfect when you’re on vacation and wanting to enjoy it.

And I have completely lost my train of thought. 🤣

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