shh…let’s talk about sex

I heard the song “Let’s Talk about Sex” by the Salt-N-Pepa.  I don’t care how old the song is…it still makes me smile every time I hear it.  I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about sex?  Oh, that’s right… lots of people. 

I remember when my best friend and I were talking one day, and I brought up sex.  She mentioned that she had never had a friend with whom she could be so open about sex with.  I felt a little self-conscious in that moment.  I had always talked with my best friends in the past about sex.  That’s how we learned.  To her, the idea that I would just throw it out there about what I liked, what I didn’t like, positions, toys, etc.  so openly was something she hadn’t ever really done. 

I personally like talking about sex.  I like hearing about what is “normal”, what isn’t.  What works for other people, because maybe it’ll work for me.  What are the newest (or oldest) favorite toys that people use?  What you see as “vanilla” and what you see as “kinky”. 

To me, although it can probably be seen as weird or uncomfortable or even erotic to some…it’s about learning.  I heard a great quote on tv the other day while watching one of my reality shows that I’m addicted to: “Maybe if you’re not talking about sex, you should be.”  YES!!!  We can’t expect to read our lovers minds…and unless you’re in the porn industry, most of us don’t have professionals teaching us the ways… so, why shouldn’t we be talking about it?!  If I don’t like what you’re doing, I should say something.  If you just did something amazing, I should say so…cause I’m going to want you to do it again.  And yes…I will go tell my best friend because that way she can experiment with her husband too. 

Am I weird that I like to talk about sex?  I don’t think so.  I think it’s healthy to be able to have conversations regarding sex and sexuality.  It doesn’t mean that the people that I talk about sex with are people that I want to have sex with.  It means that I am comfortable enough in my own sexuality to want to learn more and share what I know…because in my eyes it should be fun and exciting. 

I’m headed on vacation next week with my best friend.  I’m sure we will talk about sex…hell…I even offered to bring along my sex toy collection so I could show her about things that I have that she doesn’t.  I think we’ll even bring “Bruce” along for some laughter.   Someday I’ll explain “Bruce” …the sex toy that is now a decoration in my best friend’s house.  Just wait until those blog posts…

Who are you talking about sex with? 

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