What is this?

How often has it happened that as I read things and find them fascinating? Or that as I listen to my favorite podcasts asks a question and I think through my answer but have no journal with? ALL.THE.TIME. Some of the questions are deep and thoughtful…some are fun and silly…about me, intimate relationship, friendships…

I sit down to my journal to write and it’s gone.

What am I hoping this blog can be? I don’t want to put expectations on myself (that can be a post sometime). But my initial thoughts are that I want a space where I can write what’s on my mind.

It might make sense. It might not. It might make me cry. I might make me laugh. People might judge me. But I’m going to be honest as I can be with what I can with while knowing that highsight is 20/20 and this is all about learning more about myself.

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